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    King Seven "SUMMIT" Series

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    • Strong and light-weight TR90 design.
    • Photochromic,Anti-Reflective,Polarized,UV400.
    • 100% Polarized Advanced resin HD polarizing lenses. Offering superior glare protection, perfect for fishing, driving, hunting, riding, kayaking or every day use.
    • Stylish Italian design with polycarbonate lenses (not cheap plastic. Polycarbonate is up to 10 times more impact-resistant than glass, plastic, TAC or CR39 lenses.).
    • Lifetime Warranty / 30 days moneyback guarantee / Free shipping
    • TR90 was produced through Swiss technology as a thermoplastic material that is incredibly durable, flexible, and lightweight. Glasses made with TR90 are extremely comfortable because they have a flexible quality. Since they are flexible, they can bend under pressure and contour your face comfortably.
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